Monday, August 10, 2015

These Old Memories Vol.7

 photo TOM 7.jpg
Orale Souldie lovers, que onda.

 Here's some firme rolas to start off your week. Put a lil sunshine on that Monday we all hate. Hope you all have a good week, and let Friday get here de volada, que no. Go ahead and hit the link, & let me know what you think.

1. Touching Is My Thing - George Smallwood
2. That’s How Heartaches Are Made - Julie Grant
3. I Never Knew - Willie & The Mighty Magnificents
4. You’re My One & Only - Little Anthony
5. Gee Wiz - The Firebirds
6. I Love You - Ray Jay & The Eastsiders
7. So You Need Someone - Tito Ramos
8. She’s Gone To Another - The Whatnauts
9. Window Of Time - Emerald Dreams
10. Two Fools Are We - Tender Loving Care
11. Silly Little Girl - Margaret Mandolph
12. I’m Going To Cry - The Corvettes
13. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - Alton Ellis
14. I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away - Barbara Mason
15. The Girl Of My Dreams - Columbus Pulsations
16. Till I Come Home - Dee Impulse
17. You Went Away - Sylvester Jones & The Mighty Heartbreakers
18. The Tears - The Supremes
19. You’re Everything - The Agents
20. Valley Of Tears - The Destinations


CanoMan CanoMan said...

Gracias Chuco good way to start of a Monday

OG SADBOY said...

gracias por este volumen mas muy buenas canciones

DustyRose said...

Gracias Chuco, Looking forward to adding this bad boy the ride, I know it will sound amazing!

Up in Smoke said...

Some firme tunes here, Gracias for the kick down!!

laraider said...

Get down Chuco always with the bomb ass rolas & doo wops. Gracias

susan gaxiola said...

thank you for this comp love all the songs on thanks again!

Rocco M said...

Una musica di grande bellezza.
Thanks a lot my friend.
Greetz from Belgium.


Danny Tat's said...

Hey Homie, I was just checking out the playlist and this looked firme...But the link is down.. Any chance you can hook a homie up? Gracias!

Vinyl4Giants said...

on your playlist audio player there's a song titled "Baby I Love You" - I'd really love to know who that is. thanks in advance.

Genezide Gambino said...

dead link brotha

Antonio Nájera Wenbez said...

Hi man, am looking for a song, its kinda instrumental, but in the middle someone goes like "como te la has de estar pasando solo tirado en el zacate" .

Mighty T said...

can you email the .rar file?