Thursday, July 16, 2015

Darling, How Long Vol.3

 photo DarlingHowLongVol.3.jpg
Orale Raza, Que Onda. Glad to see this page is back & running. SOLOE got me re upping all the links so I apologize for taking so long. All links are almost restored. Here's something to get you going for the weekend. You know how we do around here, firme rolas for you to cruise to. Let me know if you jamming to this.

1. Maybe Tomorrow - Little Willie G & Thee Midniters
2. Stay Together - The Alienz
3. I'm The One Who Loves You - The Five Stairsteps
4. Stop You're Crying - Chocolate Syrup
5. Love Is Gone - Ron Henderson & Choice Of Color
6. Congratulations Baby - Lenny Welch
7. Step By Step - The Poodles
8. Forever (and a day) - Johnny & Jack
9. You Promised Me Love - The Channels
10. If You Want To Love Me - The Classic Examples
11. Friends Just Friends - The Courtships
12. Woe Is Me - The Dynamics
13. Nights Like This - The Five Heartbeats
14. Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
15. Someone To Fullfill My Needs - The Moovers
16. Queen Of The Angels - The Orients
17. I Won't Cry - Tony Daniels
18. Can't Get Away - Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces
19. A Women Will Do No Wrong - Helene Smith
20. I Could Never Hurt You - Phase Five


CanoMan CanoMan said...

Orale chuco gracias for this firme drop

susan gaxiola said...

love this comp well put together !

laraider said...

Chuco, no apologies needed, just do your thing. Gracias for the rolas.

Eric said...

Thanks a lot.

DustyRose said...

Great comp Chuco, Gracias & welcome back!!