Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memories Of The Past Vol.13

Orale souldie lovers, back with another firme set of hard to find souldies.  A lot of firme rolas here so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, check out the first track and I’m sure you’ll agree. Track 4, Wylie Dixon’s “The Nation” is just timeless…as it can relate to the times of today. Track 13 is just one of them firme tracks to cruise with your honey or special someone. So download and mellow out to some oldies but goodies. ALRATO

1. My Heart Cries – Etta & Harvey
2. Gee Whiz – The Puppets
3. We Belong Together – Dash & Dot
4. The Nation – Wylie Dixon
5. Sad Tomorrows – Marvin Gaye
6. At The Alter – Johnny Staton & The Feathers
7. Teenager’s Dream – The Kodaks
8. A Fool Was I – The Vel-Tones
9. A Little Romance – The Laurels
10. Crack Up Laughing – The O’Jay
11. When You Kiss Me – The Upfront
12. I’m Just The Kind Of Guy – The Wrens Feat Bobby Mansfield
13. Talkin’ Bout My Girl – The Reflections
14. Just As Long As We’re In Love – The Dells
15. Crying For You – The Cineramas
16. That’s My Desire – Jesse Belvin
17. Eddie My Darling – Kathy Young & The Innocents
18. I’m A Fool – The Turks
19. Never Believed In Love – The Team Mates
20. I’m Lost – Don & Bob


Anonymous said...

This volume is amazing!!! Marvin, The ojays and Kathy young in the same cd?? oh hell yeah!! amazing job guys. thanks so much


Trouble said...

track #2 is bad ass!!! where do you get these songs from?? Thanks for sharing them with us. you still the best blog on the web for oldies. gracias!!

Brownboy said...

Sup Chuco & Soloe, FIRME job on putting together this killa comp! Itz always much appreciated by this vato!! Keep up tha hard work carnalz!!

ChoclitStrawberries said...

Hey Guys,

Nice blog. Wa'Sup Soloe! Miss ya, glad to see you still doing your thang!

Chalino said...

Thank you for these, looks great.

Anonymous said...

Firme from A to Z! Thanks one more time to let us enjoy these sweet old songs!