Monday, August 6, 2012

Eastside Envy Vol.3


What's happening oldie lovers??? Here's a real dope comp to get you through your first couple of days of the week by the homies SOLOE & G-MAN. So get ready to put a glide to your ride and a dip in your hip. But I'll let the homie SOLOE tell you about it.....


It’s been a long time since the G-MAN & Myself got together and made another one of them firme ass comps we’re known to drop. And what better way to get back in that groove than to drop volume 3 of the EASTDSIDE ENVY series. It’s been a hot minute since volume 2 dropped, so let’s get right into it. As with the last two, we start off with a firme intro that G-MAN once again hooked up. This time around, it’s a grab bag of songs mixed up ranging from souldies, uptempo soul, & doo-wops. Any doo-wop lover will dig track 12, that just doo wop at it’s finest!!!. ENJOY!!!


There’s two covers for this compilation in the file. I went with this version since it was the first one that G-MAN made for this volume about a year and a half ago. Plus, this is more of my style. I just made some changes to it, but all credit goes to the G-MAN for another outstanding cover.

1. Boulevard Nights Intro
2. Don’t Leave Me Baby - The Dell-Tones
3. You’ve Been Gone So Long - The Tomangoes
4. All Aboard - Johnny Flamingo
5. I Love You For All Seasons - Bloodstone
6. Colour My World - Joey Pastrana
7. I Just Fell For You - The Royal Jesters
8. The Boy & The Girl - Porgy & The Monarchs
9. Beware Of The Stranger - The Hypnotics
10. Gimmie Your Love - The C.O.D’s
11. Ask My Heart - Eddie Billups
12. I Love You - The Volumes
13. Ease It To Me - Shirlean Williams & The Tempo’s Band
14. Turn Out The Lights - Otis Jackson & The Compromise
15. The Pusher - Final Decisions
16. The Letter - The Illusions
17. I Promise - The Memories
18. Day & Night - Bobby & Jimmy
19. You Came Along & Changed My Whole Life - Frank Tenella

20. Your Touch - Yvonne Vernee


Chalino said...

Thanks a lot!

Up in Smoke said...

Firme Carnal, Hats of to you and G-Man ,Gracias!

DustyRose said...

Sweet! Glad to know Soloes still in the game, Now I need vol 2 and it will be complete! any way to post it? Gracias Guys

DustyRose said...

I found vol 2! ty again :)

Anonymous said...

What up EastSider & Chuco! Man...almost forgot about this bad-boy Soloe. Big thanx for all the work putting this baby 2gether. Got 2 check this thing out 4 sure....can't wait 2 hear it. Good job on the cover updates Soloe. Hope U botH have a firme weekend!....AND thanx again!!


Chalino said...

Thanks! Looks great!

bigmoreno1 said...

how can i get my hands on this firme comp gracias to all your hard work